Research / Workshops


– International Quolloquium : Musiques électriques, électricité et musique (2017)
Rainforest : dispositif électronique, Do It Yourself et décroissance

– Talk in Sam Nichols‘s electronic music class at University of California Davis (2019)
Ecology and contemporary electronic Sound installations


Here are materials, personnal research and writting on workshop and teaching/sharing sound:

>> Sound Worlds
>> Experimental Sound Workshops Catalogue
>> Bibliographie/Tools/Inspiration

Here is a list of past and ongoing workshops:

Soundmarks (2020)

Music – Dance Workshops (2019)
>> Summer session Introduction to modern dance DRA40, Isa Leal, University of California Davis

Craft Your Own Sound (2018 – 2021)

Atelier en cours (2018)

Tous à l’écoute (2016)

Atelier du Fablull (2015-2017)