>> Tinderbox Labsince 2022

Since April 2022 I am the the manager and affiliated artist of the digital arts program and maker-space of Tinderbox Collective : Tinderbox Lab.
My role, alongside the talented composer, orchestrator and program director of Tinderbox Collective, Luci Holland, is to take care of the space and to help lab members with their respective artistic projects. I am also organizing and facilitating workshops and the annual Room To Play creative technology course for young emerging artists.

>> Soudain Toujours (Guillaume Cousin)2022

During the 2022 edition of the Glasgow based Cryptic‘s festival Sonica, I have been involved, as a technical assistant, in the installation and de-installation of Soundain Toujours, a fascinating piece by artist Guillaume Cousin.

>> Soundplay Projects – since 2021

I have the chance to be a creative assistant for Soundplay Projects since 2021. I am working alongside a long list of fantastic artists: Bal Cooke, Ewan Sinclair, Roy Mohan Shearer, Lene de Montaigu, Tasha Maria Hajduk, Rory Green and more. Together, near Glasgow, we develop, experiment and create interactive audio-visual electronic sculpture and installations and run workshops and sensory sessions for people with all abilities.

I have been involved with the creation and development of :
The Dome
The sonic Bike Wheel

>> Esthétopies – Variétés d’espaces sensibles
(Pierre Berger , Jimena Royo Letelier , Vincent Martial)2017

Vincent Martial, a sound artist and creator that I really admire hired me to help on the technical part of the sonic aspect of this project.
It was a privilege to be able to work in the library of an incredible place in Paris – France : l’institut Henri Poincaré and to help with the creation of Esthétopies.

Youtube documentary (in French language)

>> Trama & Ramifications (Ollivier Coupille)2017

In 2017 I got the opportunity to help the fantastic sound artist and mentor Ollivier Coupille with the technical installation of his projects Trama & Ramifications in the parc des Guilands – Bagnolet – France.

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