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home of Boris Allenou (sometimes appearing as Clxud or as missing O) and friends, where you will find experimentations, improvisations, field recording etc. =
XtetX is a free improvisation collective whose members play in various bands, and sometimes join in a larger unit called « XtetX Ensemble ».
XtetX is also an non-profit that organizes concerts and releases albums by its members
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Lain into Wired puts Torbill and Missing O in front of a precise concept: they improvise with the sound of previously selected Youtube videos. They often select spoken voice as a material.
Lain into Wired met Torbill et Missing O face à un concept bien précis‭ ‬:‭ ‬ils improvisent avec le son de vidéos sélectionnées suivant leurs envies sur Youtube.‭ ‬Leur choix se portent généralement sur de la voix parlée‭ (‬discours politique,‭ ‬extrait de film,‭ ‬interview…‭)‬. =
Non-profit digital label for experimental musics created in 2007 by Kecap Tuyul. =
ABRI pour les artistes. Catalogue de projets audiovisuel.
ABRI(shelter) for artists. Catalog of audiovisual projects.


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