Octantis – Sonic constellation

Audio-visual installation :

Octantis is a sound and light electronic installation.
Mechanical constellation, this installation allows the staging of a suspended ceiling consisting of printer engines and moving LEDs.

The entire device is computer-controlled and can take the form of stand-alone installation or interactive performance.

// Exploring the interactions between light and sound.

//Immersion in a dream world.

//Intersideral travel, through the re appropriation of technology.

//Research on the place of man in the cosmos

Octantis is made up of more than 10 mechanisms and 20 printer engines to set LEDs in motion, recalling a constantly evolving constellation.

A system of micro-contacts, light detectors and electromagnetic coils can capture the sound of LEDs when they are on or off and when they pass in front of these various microphones an captors.

Through these different techniques and the creation of an immersive and multi-layered network, Octantis invites active dreaming, static travel and discovery.

One of the aims of this installation is to make the waves generated by light audible and to explore the interactions between sounds and lights.

Through the prism of technique, this installation seeks to create a dreamlike world in which the spatial imagination and man, its role, its responsibilities mix.

Ecological, decreasing and open work, Octantis allows to question the perception and the formatting of the reception of the sounds as well as to sensitize the public to these questions, to guide them, more broadly, towards a reflection on the place that occupies the sounds in our societies and beyond.

In addition, an educational aspect and co-construction workshops are imagined at each installation. Fully integrated in the Do It Yourself movement, which promotes : collaboration, sharing of knowledge, free access and learning by doing; this installation applies its values ​​and principles.

Early 2018, a first realisation of this audio-visual installation have been realised with the help of the Creation en cours project, and the following partenerships :

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