Sonic Cobweb

Sonic Cobweb

by Boris Allenou

« In the morning, each large grass carries a spider web like a small sail.
The sun appears, and everything disappears »

Jules Renard – Journal 1893/1898.

Following my researches about the links between sonic ecology and DIY instruments making, I am currently developing Sonic Coweb. This is one of the hybrid instruments that I am willing to explore and use to perform.

It is a 3D wooden dome with motors, guitar strings and captors controlled and/or triggered by a computer or by myself allowing complexes interactions and feedbacks.

The main idea is to reproduce and transpose to a sonic world the shape of a spider web and the messages transmitted to the spider when touched.

Always evolving and sometimes combined with other Installations, I see this instrument as a piece of a larger catalog of modular devices constituting a sonic eco-system. We are living a time in which we all realized that on the interactions and the decisions we are all taking impact our planet on a global scale. I try to see my art like this, ecological and connected. Connected from one project to another, connected to my own thoughts but most important, connected to people, to the world and the ecological issues that we are facing. 

By improvising on Cobweb, I try to reconnect with things that we all try to reject: feelings. The result is always different, always moving, depends on a lot of aspect of my life and the life of the people with whom I’m taking this sonic journey. 

Again, this is a reproduction of the interconnected ecosystem we are living in.



sonic cobweb sketch



Cobweb is on an ongoing project, this is a Sketch of it:

sonic cobweb sketch 2

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