Sonic Projections

Sonic Projections is an artistic study on how individuals unconsciously internalize sounds and how they remember and project them.

Here, participants are being asked to anonymously answer questions about memories, interactions and relations that they have with sounds. The act of answering is producing what is called a projection. These projections can be considered as an externalization of a memory and a transformation from thoughts to text. Behind the curtains, the program bellow is compiling the answers and generating weird and oriented textual scores.

The first willingness of this project is not to ask musicians to sonify these scores by improvising and recording music pieces, but rather to generate new internal sonic memories by reading these texts.

Then, these newly created memories can be injected to the process and become part of a large, sonic, social, collaborative, half human half technical feedback loop.
Later, they might:
– be implemented and video projected in a space
– constitut instructions for musical improvisation
– constitut a textual score database for a twitter bot
– just be contemplated as they are
and much more.

Program : Sonic Projections

This project is supported, in part, by the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, Texas, as part of the Unlisted Projects.

Sonic Projections has been made possible with the help and encouragements of Niusha Pakseresht, Zac Traeger and Marine Petit. Thank you.

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