Collaborative sound exploration

// The idea of this project is to explore the resonance of buildings, stair cases, furniture or objects. Let’s make the wall, the ceiling, and the floor vibrate!

By using solenoids, we can make anything sound.

At the crossroads of experimentation, sound ecology (awareness of, and interaction with a sound environment), multimedia and innovative electronic lutherie (the craft of making instruments), Pavillon is allowing us to create a new sonic eco-system and enhance our perception of sound.

_  Ten modules inside small wooden boxes are available for you to explore the gallery/art space or outdoor.
We will listen closely and compose together with a mix of electronic devices and the sounds surrounding us.

This process is, on the one hand, an interesting way to realize that a lot of different materials that surround us produce or react to sounds, and, on the other hand, can offer different methods of composing music with space. Through the prism of percussive technique, this interactive installation seeks to create a dreamlike world in which the ecological imaginations of humanity, its roles, and its responsibilities mix.


A first occurrence of Pavillon has been created during the Music For Concrete project on the U.C Davis campus May 22nd 2019. It was a part of Sonify Your Everyday trilogy and Supported, in part, by a grant from the City of Davis Arts & Cultural Affairs program.

Pavillon was also part of:
– The California Science and Technology studies retreat at the Marine headlands on June 7th 2019.
Tavarus Blackmonster, Dereck Kwan & Boris Allenou’s exhibit at The Brickhouse Art Gallery, Sacramento, California on July 2019.



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